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About Brooklands

Brooklands Motorworks was established 11 years ago by partners Brian Lester & Stuart Dickinson; two accomplished mechanics both with considerable experience working with Rolls Royce & Bentley cars.

Stuart completed a 5 year apprenticeship with Jack Barclays in 1969 & has been working on the marques ever since. His experience includes working for Rolls Royce London Car Division at Hythe Road, H.R. Owens, H.A. Fox, Ghost Motors and others prior to co-founding Brooklands Motorworks.

Brian has served a 5 year apprenticeship & trained as an engineer working for Rolls Royce London Car Division at Hythe Road from 1968 to 1973. He left to start Origin Motorworks - a specialist Rolls Royce & Bentley garage and was also a director at Seebright Origin Ltd before co-founding Brooklands Motorworks.


Brooklands Motorworks have an enviable reputation for the quality of their Repairs & Servicing on every aspect of the marques.


We frequently have a selection of pre-owned Rolls Royce & Bentley cars for sale. Check our Vehicle Sales page for more info on our current listings.


We carry a comprehensive range of "Off The Shelf" Rolls Royce & Bentley parts. See our Parts page or contact us for more info.


Brooklands offers a first-rate repairs service and even vehicle Collection & Delivery is offered from our location in Redhill, Surrey.